2006 Piper DF3 f1600 Honda


2010 2012 & 2013 FF runoffs winning car,

This Piper chassis was constructed in 1997 as a Continental and was never assembled. In 2003 we built it as a FF and it was homologated as a 2005 FF by the SCCA. 42 total races on the car from new, with four frame up rebuilds. There are many very clean and simple improvements that have gone into this car to make it what it is today. This chassis has the track race record at Road America at a 2:22:001, so it’s fast. It is arguably the fastest legal FF in the country.

UPDATED  Completely redesigned/rebuilt to accommodate a Honda Fit engine, chassis lengthened to fit 6’ 2” driver, powder coated, new pan, EVERYTHING has been rebuilt. New head surround, New Dale Carter Bell housing, New livery. All parts related to the old KENT are available see gallery of images. Many very good Kent parts....

2005 Piper DF3D

Front and rear adjustable sway bars.

Penske Shocks, 8760 triple, Comp Prep set up.

Front 3rd spring set up.

Complete spares all corners.

Gear sets for small rears for the following tracks – Blackhawk, Road America, Gingerman, Grattan, Mid Ohio, and Road Atlanta. All Cryo’d and REM treated.

NEW Honda Fit Engine.

Fresh Staffs Gear Box / aluminum diff all cryo’d and REM treated. Two Dogg polished and blue printed.

New polished CV’s – Two Dogg.

New rotors and hats – Two Dogg.

Newly rebuilt ICP’s with polished pistons – Two Dogg.

Entire suspension new this year (0 events). Nick Fuhs

NHBB bearings

Ceramic hybrid wheel bearings

3 sets of wheels – Piper / Kodiak

NEW Dale Carter Fabricated Bell Housing

Spare (KENT Configuration) new bell housing / Oil tank – very expensive piece.

Spare nose box

Some body molds, both FF and Continental.

Some Continental wing parts and pieces.

Cooler full of Vodka

Four dancing girls

Many Hoosier tires in varying states of use

Steering wheel mounted Aim data system.

Spare nose

10 springs

Set up sheets

A whole lot more...

$65 K Piper DF3D

$75 K with Featherlite trailer – Trailer not available separately.

Aluminum 24' Ramp door (extended) FeatherLite Trailer, Completely finished and very clean, built-in work bench, Lights, Built in Stereo with two AMP’s and Sub, ipod ready, E-trak, tire rack, Heater, wide door, new tires and bearings, winch and awning. If the offer is right I may be willing to part with our Wurth Calendar Collection that adorns the trailer and the team Golf Kart.



march 10, 2014